Our goal is to work with clients in a way that best meets their IP business needs. Clients will not spend their time and money translating their technology for us because we already speak optics, photonics and semiconductors. We are as excited about and as interested in your technology as you are.

The highest quality at a fair price
We do not claim to be the lowest-cost provider of IP services, although our rates tend to be significantly lower than larger law firms and consulting firms. We offer unheard of flexibility in how we work with our clients. Our goal is to provide high-quality products and solutions at a fair price. To do this, we are selective about with whom we work, and we generally limit ourselves to technologies within our expertise.

Conflict of interest considerations
When working in a relatively limited technology band as we do, conflicts of interests between clients can become problematic. To avoid such issues, we generally represent only those businesses and organizations that have ongoing IP needs and that are committed to intelligently building and maintaining patent portfolios that serve their business goals and central organizing principles behind why they are pursuing patents.   

Meeting your IP needs
Every client has different IP needs. That is why our goal is to work flexibly and seamlessly with each client in a manner that makes the most sense for them. By putting our client’s needs first, we deliver targeted IP solutions. Our working relationship with existing clients reflects this philosophy.