About Opticus IP

Joseph E. Gortych, Opticus IP president (jg@opticus-ip.com), has worked as an optical engineer and possesses over twenty years of experience in the intellectual property field. He received a B.S. in physics from Rutgers University, an M.S. in optics from the University of Rochester's Institute of Optics, and his J.D. from Vermont Law School. A member of the Vermont Bar and a registered Patent Attorney, Gortych is also a member of the Optical Society of America (OSA), the International Society for Optical Engineering (SPIE).   He serves as OSA's representative to the National Inventor's Hall of Fame.

Gortych's work experience in the field of optics includes a stint at the University of Washington's Applied Physics Laboratory studying problems in wave propagation in random media. He also worked at IBM as an optical engineer in the fields of photolithography, imaging and semiconductor manufacturing. Later as an independent optics consultant, he worked on a variety of problems in lens and optical system design. He is an active inventor and is a named inventor on seven patents. While at IBM, he served as an IP liaison (or "patent engineer") between inventors and patent counsel.

Gortych worked at private law firms for over five years before serving as Chief IP Counsel for an IP consulting firm, and as Chief IP Counsel for an optical technology start-up company.

Gortych has authored two books.  The first is entitled "The Legal Lens Anthology—Essays on Intellectual Property, published by OSA and available at www.osa.org.His second and most recent book is called Consider a Spherical Patent -- IP and Patents in Technology Business, which is directed to "technology workers," namely,  anyone who works at technology businesses and organizations where inventing and patenting is part of the business. One of the themes of the book is that technology workers need to learn more about and be more engaged in their company's or organization's IP efforts.  The technology worker of the 21st century needs to have a high level of IP sophistication to survive in The IP Era of the Information Age.

He is also the Editor of a Critical Review on IP, entitled "Intellectual Property Issues Facing High-Tech Industries," published by SPIE (www.spie.org), and contributed a chapter entitled "Intellectual Propperty in High-Tech Entrepreneurship" to the book "Engineering a High-Tech Business -- Entrepreneurial Experience and Insights,"  published by SPIE.He has also taught numerous short-courses and presented seminars on the business-centric aspect of patenting, including protecting and managing IP in the technology business environment.

Mr. Gortych is not your typical IP attorney.  He emphasizes common-sense business aspects of IP in his practice and urges his clients to take into account the dynamic interplay betweeen business, legal and technical issues when making decisions about IP in general and patents in particular. As a consequence, he is a sought-after business consultant on IP management and IP strategy development and implementation.  His experience and approach to IP matters crosses business, legal and technical boundaries, enabling him to provide integrated IP solutions and services to clients. 

His IP experience and expertise covers the entire IP process spectrum—from IP generation as an optical engineer and inventor; to IP documentation as an inventor and IP liaison; to serving on invention review committees that assessed inventions from business, legal and technical viewpoints; as IP counsel working with and overseeing outside counsel; and IP protection and leverage through patenting, licensing, and litigation support activities as a private-practice attorney and consultant.