About Opticus IP

Opticus IP is an intellectual property (IP) law and consulting firm specializing in optics, photonics and semiconductor technologies. We are located in Sarasota, Florida.

How Opticus IP Works With You

Our goal is to work with clients in a way that best meets their IP business needs. Clients will not spend their time...

Core Philosophy
What Opticus IP believes in

Opticus IP believes that:

> “Old school” approaches to IP used and promoted by many IP law firms fail to account for the evolving nature of IP and how patents are actually used in technology business in the IP Era of the Information Age.

> Too many IP law firms emphasize client billing over client service and satisfaction.

> Attorneys need to have the best technical expertise to provide the best IP legal service.

> Responsiveness to client communications and matching the type and level of legal service to client needs are critical ingredients of client satisfaction.

> Fixed-fee billing helps clients manage their IP costs.

> Patents are business tools designed for an intended purpose based on a company’s or organization's central operating principles behind why it is seeking patents

> Overlawyering is not a virtue

Publications & Upcoming Seminars
Whats new with Opticus IP

This engaging new book on patents and patenting is scheduled to hit the shelves early in March 2014. "Consider a Spherical Patent -- IP and Patents in Technology Business" by Joseph E. Gortych presents a modern, realistic and unvarnished view of patents and how they are used and abused in technology business. The book is directed to those who work in technology businesses and organizations. It is not a law book and is reader friendly. For those who read the book, civilized and thoughtful comments are welcome at